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Septic Replacements

It might be time to replace some or all of your septic system

Septic replacements in Hickory, NC

At times, a septic inspection can reveal the need for a septic replacement. Although not fun when this happens, you’re in good hands with Loose Ends Repair & Septic Tank Pumping. We’re a local family-owned company that offers affordable pricing to residents in Hickory and surrounding areas. Other than a recent septic inspection, signs that may indicate trouble include wet spots in your yard, slow-draining sinks and toilets, and bad odors emitting from drains. If you experience any of these issues, it could be time for a septic replacement.

Septic tank maintenance

Septic maintenance after the replacement is an important part of ensuring your septic system remains in good condition and operates efficiently for a very long time. If you use a garbage disposal in your kitchen, the food scraps will add to the volume of solids in your tank and accumulate faster, requiring your tank to be pumped more often. Be careful of putting heavy chemicals down your drains that will deplete the good bacteria in your tank. Better yet, feed your tank! We have a lot of great recommendations to keep your septic tank healthy.

New septic tank being placed

Now let’s get rid of that smell!

Call us today for a septic tank inspection if you don’t have one already and let’s start with a free estimate on a septic replacement. You can reach us at 828-217-4138. Our service areas include Hickory, Conover, Newton, Maiden, Claremont, Vale, Connelly Springs, Bethlehem, Mt. View, and Granite Falls, NC.

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