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Drain Field Repairs

Your drain field is just as important as your tank

Drain field repairs in Hickory, NC

When you need to repair your drain field, it can be a big job. Drain fields are an important part of any septic system, and when they start to fail it’s important to get them repaired. Identifying the cause of the problem with our septic inspection is essential in order to determine how best to repair it. Common causes for a sluggish drain field include root growth, poorly installed drain lines, collapsed lines, and sediment or waste buildup.

Dos and don'ts for your drain field

Your septic system’s drain field is installed in open grassy areas away from tree roots for a reason. You may not realize heavy vehicles and equipment should not drive over the top as they will compact the soil or worse, cause the drain lines to collapse. Do not plant trees and shrubs over your drain field as the roots can entangle the lines and cause blockages. Please don’t use the open area as a location for your garden. The effluent from your septic tank travels through these lines and deposits in the soil creating soil that is not safe for your garden. The best thing to plant over your drain field is grass or ground cover.

Drain Field for septic system

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