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Septic Inspections

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Septic inspections in Hickory, NC, and surrounding areas

Let’s be honest, with septic tanks being underground, it’s not often homeowners think about it or the need for an inspection. That is until something goes wrong or you’re in a predicament. With a proper septic inspection, maintenance, and care, you can avoid being surprised by expensive repairs. We get a lot of calls from Realtors during a buyer’s due diligence period when purchasing a home. When this happens we understand time is of the essence and we’re on it! Our septic inspections provide an unbiased and thorough assessment of the septic system. We are certified and able to perform residential and commercial septic tank inspections.

Why is it important to have a septic inspection?

When your home or business is dependent on a septic tank system instead of access to a municipal sewer, there is more than meets the eye. You have a few more responsibilities like septic tank maintenance and inspections. Your underground septic tank system is sized to your home’s number of bedrooms and consists of an underground holding tank, various filters, and drain lines that extend away from your home. Your septic tank is an extension of your plumbing and plays a very important role. Problems that go undetected can lead to sewage backup in your home or business.

Septic tank being opened and inspected

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Having a functioning septic system is vital for your home or business. If it fails, it can cause significant damage and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs or even replacement. Have questions about your septic tank system? That’s what we’re here for! Call us today at 828-217-4138.

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