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Septic Installations

The key to a smooth septic system installation

Septic installation in the Greater Hickory, NC area

We offer affordable septic installations. We are NC level 2 installers which means we are capable of handling most projects. We can make recommendations based on expertise and experience. For example, we suggest a concrete tank over plastic, the installation of an infiltrator with multiple chambers, riser installation, and sizing considerations. Work with our team and we’ll design and install the right septic system for your home. All new septic systems including drain fields will be done with a permit only from your local environmental health department. We walk you through each step and we work closely with the county to get approval. We offer free estimates on all of our services including septic installation.

Considerations before installation

One of the very first steps should be determining the soil type in your yard, as this will determine what type of tank is suitable for the area. At Loose Ends Repair & Septic Tank Pumping, we start with digging perk holes so the county can perform soil observation and testing needed to approve a septic installation. Keep in mind for remote areas this test must pass or that means no house can be built. That’s why it's important you have us do a perk test before purchasing vacant land. Other considerations are creeks and streams, property lines, and the future placement of your home. There are county guidelines that dictate where your septic system can be installed.

Septic tank being installed

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Septic tank installation is a major job that requires diligence and care to complete. However, the job isn't over after the system is installed. Proper maintenance of your newly-installed septic tank is essential for its long-term health and efficiency. That’s why Loose Ends Repair & Septic Tank Pumping is the company you can call on no matter the reason. Call us at 828-217-4138. We offer a maintenance program in the Spring or Summer as long as it's within two years of your new installation.

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